Africa:  Human/Nature

African societies have produced works that inspired the greats of Western art like Picasso and Matisse. Here I am inspired by the way the people of the Omo River Valley use vegetation and colored mud as body decoration. In my flight of artistic fantasy, I created a pantheon of nature deities.


     8" x 10" watercolor on aquaboard



       8"x 10"  watercolor on aquaboard


         Jansa of the Forest

      8" x 10" watercolor on aquaboard


     Yemanjà of the Sea

16" x 20"  pastel pencil and watercolor on pastel board


            Flora Africana

9" x 12" watercolor on aquaboard


 The Masks of the Punu of Gabon

The Punu People of Gabon are famed for their maiden masks, which represent not only different aspects of female beauty but female power as well. My interpretive drawings below show several different expressions of such.


  8" x 10" Pastel      pencil on paper


                                                          The Queen

 8" x 10" Pastel pencil on paper



             The Maiden

 8" x 10" Pastel pencil on paper



           11" x 17" pastel pencil on colored paper


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