Faces and Figures

One of the great joys of my experience as an artist has been joining other artists in figure drawing studios. When working with the forms of the human body, one discovers a variety of things about dimensions, proportions, colors, shading, and ways of integrating the human figure into unusual settings. Here I sometimes put the models with their favorite flowers.  In doing so, I was reminded of the delicate beauty of the flowers themselves. Art is always full of wonderful surprises.

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    Afro-Brazilian sea goddess.Watercolor on archival aquaboard 16" x 20"  $495.00.  

                                                         Digital Prints Available

                                Fleur d'Iris

 Watercolor on paper 11" x 14"  $225.00.  Digital Prints Available

                                     Lady Lily

          Watercolor on paper 11" x 14" $225.00   Digital Prints Available


 Pastel on tinted paper. Digital Print Only


                 Color pencil on tinted paper. Digital Print Only


 Pastel pencil on paper. Original  12"x 16" on  black             matt board, $295.00.  Digital Prints available 


    Pastel pencil on tinted paper. Digital Prints Only 

                              A Nude

               Pastel pencil on tinted paper.  Digital Prints Only 

                Mary, 20 years from Friday

  Pastel pencil on tinted paper. Original $295.00  with matt 18"x 24".                                                       Digital Prints available.


 Watercolor on aquaboard 9" x 12" $150.00. Framed in white 11"x 14"  $175.                                                        Digital Prints Available


Watercolor on aquaboard. 9"x 12"  $150.  Framed in white  11"x14"  $175.00 

                                                      Digital Prints Available

                                      Flora Africana

    Watercolor on aquaboard  9" x 12"$150.00  Framed in white $175   11"x 14"                                                                                Digital Prints Available

     Punu Maiden Mask - Lioness

 Drawing of a Punu mask from Gabon.  Pastel pencil on                          tinted paper.  Available in Digital Prints.

    Punu Maiden Mask - Queen

       Drawing of a Punu mask from Gabon in pastel               pencil on tinted paper. Digital Prints available.


                 Punu Maiden Mask 

         Drawing of a Punu mask from Gabon. Pastel pencil                                    on tinted paper. Digital Prints available.

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