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Vernelle Studio Makes a Change.

Couche de Soleil (sunset) M. Vernelle 2018.

Well, it is not the sunset of Vernelle Studio nor the Blog at Vernelle Studio. However, a change is being made. Starting September, there will be two art history posts per month, one mid-month and one at the end of each month, and periodically mid-week, you might see a new painting of mine. This is being done for a very good reason which many of you might enjoy. I have a new website called Of Art and Wine ( In looking for the universal qualities of life, it seems to me that all cultures create two things: art and alcoholic beverages, and often these take the forms of painting and wine. I've decided to combine them by taking a look at a painting, its history, the artist, etc. and a wine that goes with the energy or theme of that painting. So far, it has been fun. Only five posts so far, including last week's on Botticelli's Birth of Venus and good wines for seafood. I shall be posting there every two weeks with announcements on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram. So don't miss it. Coming up for Labor Day, "Monet's Water Lilies and The Last of the Summer Wine" (wine coolers).

In the meantime, enjoy this last post of August on Vernelle Studio: Piet Mondrian Did What? Flowers!

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