Silent Poetry    2015-2021

                   Enigma 2

       4" x 6" on crinkled rice paper with

        canvas support $50 or $60 framed.

                   Digital Prints Available

I have been exploring the Ancient Chinese concept of painting as silent poetry and poetry as painting with sound. This concept appears in the West in the 19th century with J.M.W. Turner, who wrote poetry about the subjects of his watercolors, and  with French poet Stephane Mallarme, who wrote poetry that coincided with Impressionist painting. I continue to use nature as a basis for watercolor exploration of the effects of clouds, mists, and water.

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           Mid-winter Thaw

       Watercolor on Arches Vellum  8" x 10" 

      Original in a Private Collection, Canada.   

                      Digital Prints Available

                 Sunrise Over Ice

   Watercolor on crinkled rice paper   8" x 10"         Original in a Private Collection, France.

                      Digital Prints Available   


                 The Torrent

       Watercolor on paper 4" x 6"

                   Digital Prints Only



         Watercolor on Arches Vellum

                 Digital Prints Only



          Watercolor on Arches Vellum

     Original in a Private Collection,   France.                           Digital Prints Available


                Ms. Monet

     Watercolor on crinkled rice paper           Original in Private Collection, France. 

                 Digital Prints Available


             Fields of Provence

       Watercolor on crinkled Japanese rice paper.  4"x 6" 



     6" x 8" watercolor on paper

            Digital Prints Only




                      Rain in the Arroyo

               8" x 12"  watercolor on Arches

                                    Digital Prints Only

                    La Chute

             Watercolor on paper.                                      Original in Private Collection, Canada.

                    Digital Prints Available

                The Little Mountain

                   Watercolor on paper.

              Original in Private Collection, France 

                           Digital Prints Available  

     Oregon Coast:  In the Fog  

          Watercolor on paper  4" x 6"

                     Digital Prints Only


           Watercolor on canvas. 11"x14" $225.00                                                 Digital Prints Available

                        The Wind

                 Watercolor on canvas.

     Original in  Private Collection, Switzerland

                        Digital Prints Available

      The Forest of the Night

      Watercolor on crinkled rice paper

                    11" x 14"   $250.00

                Digital Prints Available

       Everglades Midnight

         Watercolor on rice paper

                Digital Prints Only

      Everglades Midnight

  Watercolor on rice paper

         Digital Prints Only

         Stormy Weather

 Watercolor on paper. Digital Prints Only


   Watercolor on canvas 8"x19" $175.00

           Digital Prints Available


  Watercolor on canvas 8"x19"  $175.00

                Digital Prints Available

       Sunrise, Somewhere

      Watercolor on canvas  18.5" x 39" $800.00

                      Digital Prints Available

       Fire on the Mountain 

     Watercolor on paper  Available in Digital Print

          Brush Fire 

        Watercolor on paper 4" x 6"

     Rigi Dressed in Gray

  Watercolor on paper. Digital Prints Only


Watercolor on textured pastel board. 6" x 12 "

               Original available $125.00

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