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              Land and Sea

I have always been fascinated by the environment. Mountains, plains, valleys, lakes or oceans, they all hold fascinating possibilities to tell land or seascape stories.  Below you see my visions.  Click the link to purchase.


                                         Between the Trees
                    20" x 30" watercolor on canvas with sides painted ready to hang   
                                              Original with canvas wrap  Contact the Artist


                                                In the Rockies

              24" x 32"  watercolor on canvas with sides painted ready to hang $1,000.00  

                                              Original or Canvas Wrap at Vernelle Art Boutique



                                                            Summer in Provence

 20" x 30" watercolor on canvas with sides painted, ready to hang.  $700.00  Original or Canvas Wrap at Vernelle Art Boutique


                                                    The Little Green Trees

      Watercolor on canvas. Original in Private Collection, Las Vegas. Vernelle Art Boutique Digital Prints

the Pacific Waves Goodbye #3.jpg

                                    The Pacific Waves Goodbye #3

                            Watercolor on canvas.  Vernelle Art Boutique Digital Prints


           The Pacific Waves Goodbye #2

               Vernelle Art Boutique Digital Prints


                                    The Pacific Waves Goodbye # 1

                   8" x 10" watercolor on canvas $145.00.   Original at Vernelle Art Boutique


               On the Rocks #1
          9" x 13.5"  watercolor on canvas
       Vernelle Art Boutique Digital Only 

    Sweet Water from the Rock
          9" x 12" watercolor on paper. 
                 Vernelle Art Boutique Digital Only



 7" x 10" watercolor on paper  framed in   white. $135.00.   Vernelle Art Boutique


                            Forest of Fairies
 Watercolor on canvas  11" x 14"  Vernelle Art Boutique Digital Only

West of the Imagination.jpg

                           West of the Imagination

         Watercolor on museum board 17" x 17"   $395.00.   Vernelle Art Boutique


                                  Morning in the Forest

  Original in Private Collection, France.   Vernelle Art Boutique Digital Prints

Oregon Coast 1.jpg

                     Oregon Coast

  Watercolor on paper. Vernelle Art Boutique Digital Prints 


                   Tava in the Snow

      Oil pastel on paper.  Vernelle Art Boutique Digital Prints



   Watercolor on paper Vernelle Art Boutique Digital Prints

Rain of Gold.jpg

                       Rain of Gold

Watercolor on paper  Vernelle Art Boutique Digital Prints


                Watercolor on paper, framed in white 10"x 12" $145.00  
                    Original and Canvas Wrap at   Vernelle Art Boutique

Sea Squall.jpg

                             Sea Squall
Watercolor on paper.  Vernelle Art Boutique Digital Prints

Autumn Forest.jpg

                          Autumn Forest

         Watercolor on rice paper. Framed in white 16" x 20"  $295                          Original and Canvas Wrap at Vernelle Art Boutique


                       Sentinel of the Southwest

         Watercolor on aquaboard. Framed in white 10"x 12" $ 150.00.                                                                         Vernelle Art Boutique 

By the Lake.jpg

                                     By the Lake
         Watercolor on paper  Vernelle Art Boutique DigitalPrints  

Oncoming Rain.jpg

                                                  Oncoming Rain
                   Watercolor on paper. Original in Private Collection, Colorado.   Digital Prints

Winter Trees.JPG

          Winter Trees  
       Watercolor on canvas  8.5" x  13" 
       Vernelle Art Boutique  Digital Only


                            The Paint Mines

                Watercolor on canvas. Original in private collection in Colorado 

                                                 Vernelle Art Boutique Digital Prints

Blue Forest.jpg

                         Blue Forest 
      Watercolor on canvas.  Available in Digital Prints

A Sphinx.jpg

                         A Sphinx   
                   Watercolor on canvas 10"x10"
                      Vernelle Art Boutique  Digital Only


       Watercolor on paper.  Vernelle Art Boutique   Digital Prints 

Blue Wave.jpg

                                Blue Wave
                         Original in Private Collection, Canada.
                                            Watercolor on Canvas

Lake Zug Sunset.JPG

                        Sunset on Lake Zug
            Watercolor on canvas, 9" x 13.5" $165.00 
           Original and Canvas Wrap at Vernelle Art Boutique


Deep Forest   Deep Forest
           Watercolor on canvas. 11"x 14" $249.00
              Original for sale    Contact Artist


                                     Colorado Morning
Watercolor on canvas board, 9"x12" Color and light fast non-yellowing fixative.  

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