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Welcome to a page of work that I experiment with. These are the paintings I do on a regular basis. Some will go to the Digital Print or to the Framed and Canvas Art section of Vernelle Art Boutique, some are for sale here (just click the link to contact me), and some will just go to a stack of old watercolors in my studio. I invite comments from those who view them. Just go to the Contact section or email  I hope you enjoy them.

La Mer.jpg

                                                                         La Mer
    Watercolor on paper, white matt in white frame 11" x 14" $149.00 (Contact artist)                                                Digital prints available, see Vernelle Art Boutique

Copy of VERNELLE STUDIO PIN TEMPLATES 2020 - 2022-05-09T104312.391.png

                          Orange Passion
Pastel on pastelboard (original background in green).                      Digital Prints with blue background                                             Vernelle Art Boutique

Thunder & Rain.jpg

                                     Thunder and Rain
                     Digital Print Only.  See Vernelle Art Boutique 

Painting in the Park.jpg

         Painting in the Park
       Watercolor on paper white matt in white                      frame, 11"x 14" $149.00. Contact artist
      Digital Prints available Vernelle Art Boutique

Morning in the Lavender un souvenir de F

       Morning in the Lavender
                    Watercolor on paper 

Afternoon Lavender, un souvenir de Franc

           Afternoon Lavender
Watercolor on paper


        Mountain in the Mist.
Watercolor on paper

White Limbs.jpg

                                       White Limbs
Watercolor on Arches Rough paper.                                                                    White frame and matt 11" x 14"  $149.00                                                                                        Contact  Artist


   Watercolor on Arches paper. White frame              and matt 11"x14"  $149.00 
                         Contact Artist


Out Yonder.jpg

                                 Out Yonder
Watercolor on Arches Cold Press 11" x14" matted and framed in white. $149.00
                                                             Contact Artist


                                               The Pond
       Watercolor on Arches cold press paper. Matted and framed in white 11"x14"   Contact Artist


            Watercolor on handmilled Moulin de Larroque paper, 10"x11"                                                        Also available as framed print in Vernelle Art Boutique.

Basho's Shoes.jpg

                                  Basho's Shoes
Pastel pencil on Sennelier Carte Pastel. Framed in bamboo $149.00. 
                          Digital Print
 and  Framed in Alderwood (white or black).


                        Pachamama Shapes the Land
Pastel pencil on Fabriano pastel paper 8"x12" framed $175.00. 
                                 Digital Print
 or Framed in Alderwood (white or black).

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