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AURIC: An Afternoon Visit to the Gallery

Auric Gallery, First Friday Art Walk, February 2, 2024. Photo by Deb Bartos,

I admit that a hectic schedule and the late afternoon rain and chill on Friday, February 2nd, sent me scurrying home to light a fire in the fireplace and have a hot brandy. Yes, even for an art lover, sometimes the flesh is weak, though the spirit is always willing. As can be seen in the photo, many of the willing and hardy came to the grand opening. Bravo! Fortunately for those of us who failed, there is redemption, as the gallery is open during the week. So, on a sunny Thursday in the company of several friends, I got to visit what is a gracious, spacious, and creatively organized fine art gallery that is also a burgeoning art and cultural center in downtown Colorado Springs.

The first impression for me was one of space well used. By that I mean that though the gallery is full of art, one can move around, stand back to view the paintings, and never feel crowded and overpowered by the things one has come to see. The current exhibition of the Gratitude show is well-curated and displays the various levels of sophistication found in the art of our local artists. The works are not just on the walls but also in unique displays, elegantly placed for viewing along the windows, which provide plenty of light, allowing the items to compliment the art on the walls. The Gratitude show is becoming a landmark event in the arts as it expands each year and presents the best of what Colorado Springs artists produce. It is a must see event.

Art creations for places other than walls.

As always there are individual exhibitions of works by local artists. This month Jon Francis is showing The Art of Benching, while Kevin Johnson displays portraits in Serenity. Francis displays what must have been a boyhood love of trains and a fascination with the rolling monologue on American life provided by the graffiti printed on the cars. Kevin Johnson, who has studied with local great Thomas Blackshear (, creates evocative portraits that convey mood and emotion in a contemporary style enhanced by his use of a variety of media. These artists will be speaking at the gallery on Wednesday, February 21st at 5:30 p.m. Don't miss it!

Jon Francis from The Art of Benching

Kevin Johnson portraits from Serenity

The gallery has quite a lineup of events and exhibitions for 2024. These include not only artist talks, which provide valuable insight into the creative process that produce the works we enjoy but also classes and events like 2024 Tastings at Auric Gallery. Yes, you can learn about the art of wine, from the taste, to the beautiful colors of the liquid, to the art of wine bottle labels. This happens as a joint venture between three local businesses, Auric Gallery, PourParlor, and Sovereignty Wines. To find out more, stop by the gallery and pick up the list of coming exhibits for 2024 and the 2024 Tastings at Auric Gallery.

If all this hasn't whetted your appetite, just look at what is coming up in March, five artists, each with a different vision, all united by creative expression. They will give an artists talk on Wednesday March 20th at 5:30 p.m. at Auric. Winter may be cold, but at Auric, the art is hot!

March 2024 at Auric Gallery

Auric Gallery is located at 125 E. Boulder Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (719) 462-5880.

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© Marjorie Vernelle 2024

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